Festival 2019

The Urban Playground Team Zoo Humans

  • Guy's Courtyard, London Bridge
  • 10 October 2019
  • General Gordon Square, Woolwich
  • 11 October 2019
The Urban Playground Team

Photo Teresa Elwes

Inspired by the shocking statistic that three quarters of young people in the UK spend less time outdoors than prisoners, Zoo Humans sees the Urban Playground Team bring their distinctive performance-parkour, narrated by David Attenborough, to tell the story of a group of humans on the verge of forgetting how to move. As they slowly become aware of the artificial world in which they’re living, they must decide if they’ll swap touch-screens for human contact and risk the comfort of their cage for the lure of the great outdoors.

Through a unique language of dance at speed and height, they ask, what will it take to get us moving again, before it’s too late?

Presented in partnership with Team London Bridge with King’s College London and Woolwich Cultural Destinations

Creative team and performers +

  • Miranda Henderson & Malik Diouf
  • Chris Umney
  • Alister O’Loughlin, Grace Sellwood & Tim Merrifield


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