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Try out voguing with Jay Jay Revlon in preparation for The Big Pink Vogue Ball on SAT 12 OCT at Shoreditch Town Hall. Choose between 3 different sessions*, each exploring a different Vogue Ball style. Afterwards, attend a panel discussion hosted by Candy Elijah 007.
  • New Way 5pm
  • Vogue Femme 6pm
  • Go Off/Jam session 7pm
  • Panel Discussion 8.30pm
All levels welcome

5-6pm New Way with Michelle Ninja
New way is characterized by rigid movements coupled with “clicks” (limb contortions at the joints) and “arms control” (hand and wrist illusions, which sometimes includes tutting and locking). New way can also be described as a modified form of mime in which imaginary geometric shapes, such as a box, are introduced during motion and moved progressively around the dancer’s body to display the dancer’s dexterity and memory. New way involves incredible flexibility.


6-7pm Vogue Femme with Starr Revlon
Vogue femme consists of five elements – duckwalk, catwalk, floor performance, spins and dips and hands performance. Develop your vogue learning from a legend of the ballroom scene.


7–8pm Go Off/Jam session with Lil Will Mizrahi and Typhoon
This practice session will allow you to practice your category with supervision from Lil Will Mizrahi and Typhoon 007. What ever the category you can receive feedback and/or jam with others in the session, and it’s also an opportunity to practice with a live MC and DJ. If you are interested in commentating you are welcome to practice chanting for other people and ask for input/feedback from Lil Will/Typhoon.


8.30pm Panel Discussion hosted by Candy Elijah 007

Ballroom is a culture created by and for queer and trans people of colour. Coming out of the drag balls as early as the late 1800s in Harlem, New York, ballroom has since spread across the world and receives an increasing amount of attention in the spotlight of the mainstream media. Candy Elijah 007 will host a discussion panel on how ballroom has evolved and how different ballroom scenes across the world differ and/or share similarities. Drawing on the expertise and experience of our judges, MC and host this will be an insight into how ballroom operates and serves QTIPOC/LGBTQ+ people today.


* Prices for Voguing Workshop:
  • 1 session for £15
  • 2 sessions for £25
  • 3 sessions for £35
  • Panel Discussion is FREE but ticketed
All sessions are 1 hour each
Click here for Shoreditch Town Hall access information

Jay Jay Revlon
Described by Time Out as “one to watch” DJand dancer Jay Jay Revlon was born and raised in London to parents of Jamaican descent. From the early age of 14, Jay Jay has used the craft of dance to express himself and has used his talents to lead other young people in weekly classes & workshops.  Jay Jay has become a major force in the London dance scene where he is credited with being instrumental to the rise of London’s voguing scene and has single-handedly created highly stylized, modern dance house the Kiki House of Tea and leading ballroom collective, English Breakfast London. Jay Jay has used his love of vogue to establish inclusive and diverse events including the massively popular Let’s Have a Kiki birthed at private member’s club The Curtain Hotel, Now been brought to his community in Peckham at The Prince of Peckham and workshops at The Tate Britain & Southbank Centre. Jay Jay has also used vogue as a form of social activism, this was seen last year where hundreds of Londoners saw him pay tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting at a vigil on Old Compton Street. A hugely in demand DJ his portfolio includes for Missguided x Pxssy Palace collaboration, Topshop Gay Pride 2017 in-store event and Popchips pop-up store event. Jay Jay’s talents behind the decks has taken his career nationwide and across Europe including Birmingham Pride, The Curtain, Pussy Palace, Belushi’s (Paris).


Michelle Ninja
Michella started Voguing in 2013 and has ever since developed a unique and beautiful way to perform. In 2016 she became a member of the Iconic House of Ninja and is also the German mother of the kiki house of angels. Michelle’s main category is new way but her range of dance styles is diverse: Hip Hop, Dancehall, House, Waacking When she is not touring around with Ace Tee or Chefboss she walks balls or other dance battles and snatches the trophies.Don’t miss the chance to take all you can learn from such an inspiring voguer!


Starr Revlon
“Starr the legend” the name is surely fitting because this creative, young, talented man has captivated the hearts of many world wide . From being shared on multiple celebrities ig pages .. and from his infamous “ stairs “ clip that has gone viral every year since it hit the airways in 2012. From multiple otys for best bquid performance and best catwalk in multiple states, he has other awards and moment in ballroom to go with. His talent has catapulted him to work with and for well-respected artists such as Rashaad Newsome, Big Freeida , Pat Magrath, just to name a few .


Lil Will Mizrahi
All the way from Brooklyn and the Iconic House of Mizrahi, Lil Will has been a member of the House of Mizrahi for the past seven years walking sex siren, school boy realness and more recently realness with a twist. Lil Will’s ability to evoke positive energy into a crowd and wake up the room is one of the reasons why his talent surpasses the boundaries of the United States. A native & current resident of Brooklyn, Will’s mission is to bring uplift to his community and raise awareness on sensitive topics currently surrounding the LGBTQ community. Lil Will has appeared in multiple entertainment ventures ranging from film, television, and music productions. You may have caught Will in films such as “KIKI”, TV shows such as “STAR”, and working with Jennifer Hudson for her “Go All Night” music video.


Typhoon walked his first ball in the Netherlands in 2014 and has since been very active in the scene, becoming well known for vogue femme and as a commentator. Typhoon has been an important figure in the growth of the Netherlands scene. Wanting to create a space for the younger generation to train, in 2015 he founded the first kiki house of the Netherlands, Kiki House of Angels. Kiki House of Angels has since grown to have several chapters across the world. In the main scene Typhoon has been invited to commentate at numerous balls across Europe including Germany, Italy, Belgium, Lithuania, UK. Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic and France. Typhoon also works as a dancer, and features in the documentary ‘Father Figure’ which is about his role as a father in ballroom, and what ballroom has done for him.