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Playlists - Music to Get You By

Illustration by 2020

We’ve asked everyone involved in Dance Umbrella Digital to share the tracks that have got them through 2020. We hope these selections spark creativity, lift your spirits and prepare you for whatever comes next.

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Abby Zbikowski +

Akram Khan +

Alarmél Valli +

Songs that for decades have moved, inspired and reassured me, which continue to give me perspective and remind me “that the world ain’t so bad, but what we’re doing to it.” Some of the songs are ones I am choreographing and it dispels my COVID blues to see them take shape as visual music & poetry.

Alfred Enoch +

This is music that for one reason or another has made an impact on me since lock down began (the first time round), and which I’ve been coming back to again and again.

Amrita Hepi +

This is a playlist of songs to rinse yourself out to (metaphysically/physically/through the middle distance)..

Annie-B Parson +

Anthea Lewis +

Music alters my vibration, it can take me away to another place or bring me back to myself. Over the last 9 months it has helped me to recalibrate and come to terms with a fast-changing reality.

Arundhathi Subramaniam +

My playlist reflects the oddly diverse needs I have at this time – the need for music that is as unhurried, expansive and oceanic as the dhrupad, and as joyous, alive and exuberant as the flamenco. And there are, of course, many tones and textures in between.

Bebe Miller +

I find I’m listening to music that calls me back home; I get to shift my attention to rhythms and voices that feel communal and reek of deeply satisfying soul.

Bethan Peters +

Transporting me to the seaside, then back for some serious kitchen dancing, then zoning out when things gets a bit heavy.

Chiara Bersani +

Dawn Estefan +

Dawn Prentice +

My musical mood changers, Take As Needed.

Dimitris Papaioannou +

Emma Gladstone +

For Julie C, Rhetta M, Rosie L, Maud Le P, BS and my fine DU team

Eun-Me Ahn +

Gregory Maqoma +

The inspiration for this selection stems from events I have experienced during this period of lockdown, particularly around the #movement of Black Lives Matter and to see that we indeed matter, our voice matter, our vote matter.

Isabella Hubbard +

For the party inside my brain

Jay Jay Revlon +


Julia Cheng +

My contribution to this playlist include music that has taken me to some other dimensions, inner hymns and encapsulated feelings I’m continuing to process this year.

Kenrick Sandy +


Lucy Guerin +

We have been in lockdown here in Melbourne for 112 days so needed calming vibes and a bit of a pick me up at times too. Feeling the slowing down of the year’s pace but also the energy and possibility for change brought on by the COVID world.

Lucy Suggate +

Found myself wanting the float, drift and find space as well as have the odd foot shuffle and shoulder bop.

Myah Jeffers +

This selection of songs have all in some way provided me with joy, healing and reflection during these past tumultuous months.

Nike Jonah +

Nish Kumar +

Oona Doherty +

Sweat through the absolute chaos kids nothing left to do

Rob Jones +

Chin up babes x

Satchie Noro +

Seeta Patel +

Here are some tracks that have kept me sentient, connected, joyous and hopeful while the world spun out of its orbit. I miss family, cuddles, and so much more but I’m still smiling and so grateful for music and puzzles and learning to stop.

Tania Wilmer +

Sparking joy in my kitchen slash home office slash night club.

Tim Joss +

Tracy Gentles +

This playlist was curated by the Something To Aim For team. The last 8 months have been some of the hardest but with the support of one another we have got through. This year has been a lot, not just with a Global Pandemic but with everything else we have needed to face. The world is changing, its about time.

Vicky Davidson +

Zsuzsanna Posta +

Zulum Elumogo +



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