Feltham Moves

  • Zoom
  • June - July 2021
  • Admission: Free
  • Age guidance: Young People (12-18yrs), Adults (18yrs+) and Adults (60yrs+)
  • Access: Please see contact info below for access requirements

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Illustration by ostreet.co.uk 2021

Do you belong to a group or organisation in Feltham?
Do you want to celebrate Feltham’s people, places, sounds and movements?
Do you want to be in a film that showcases Feltham’s creative community and iconic Feltham locations?


Feltham Moves is a FREE online movement project delivered by Dance Umbrella, Creative People & Places Hounslow and Grounded Movement available to a range of pre-established Feltham-based groups of varying ages.

No previous dance or movement experience is necessary.

Your Feltham-based group will get the opportunity to work with world class choreographers and create a new film celebrating the many ways that Feltham Moves!

Over the course of five online sessions, each Feltham Moves group will work with Sunanda Biswas and Temujin Gill of Grounded Movement to explore, play and create their own brand-new choreography inspired by Feltham.

We are looking for three Feltham-based groups to take part in the project within the following age categories:

  • Young people (12-18yrs)
  • Adults (18yrs+)
  • Adults (60yrs+)

Participants will be able to join in with online sessions from the comfort of their own homes or their regular group venue (COVID restrictions dependent) via secure Zoom meetings (set up support available). Dates and times for sessions will be negotiated with individual groups once selected.

Feltham Moves will culminate with the creation of a film showcasing the choreography created by each of the project groups from people’s homes and iconic Feltham locations.



Whether you are a group of casual two-steppers or free-style masters, we want to hear from you!

Interested groups are required to apply to take part and commit to attending five sessions within the project. There will be a maximum of 16 individual spaces per group.

To apply for Feltham Moves, please answer the following questions by email:

  • Name of your group
  • Age range of your group
  • How many people are a part of your group?
  • Where are you based?
  • Lead contact name for group
  • Lead contact phone number for group
  • Lead contact email for group
  • Brief description of your group (50 words max)
  • Why would your group like to take part in Feltham Moves? (200 words max)

Please email your responses to Bethan Peters at bethan@danceumbrella.co.uk by 5pm on Monday 26 April 2021


For more information about Feltham Moves or to discuss any access requirements in relation to taking part in this project, please contact Bethan Peters via email: bethan@danceumbrella.co.uk or on 07498 232 515



  • Hi
    I’m interested to the project Feltham Moves, but I didn’t understand if I need a group for being involved….

    • Hi Mauro, thanks for your question! We are looking for pre-established Feltham-based groups to apply to take part in the project e.g. community groups, sports groups, gardening groups, youth groups, arts groups etc.

      This means people can’t apply individually – they would have to already be involved in a group based in Feltham and we’d expect the group lead/organiser to apply on the group’s behalf.

      – Isabella

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