Growing dance provision for children and young people in Hounslow

To develop our creative learning programme across 2020-21, we are working in depth in the borough of Hounslow to undertake an exciting residency, during which we will explore initiatives that have proved positive in helping to reduce barriers in young people engaging with dance. We will also be creating new partnership opportunities within the area and testing approaches to engagement that will be bespoke to the borough.


Access Hounslow aims to:

  • To find effective approaches to widen access and increase children and young people audiences for professional contemporary dance within Hounslow
  • To trail versions of participatory projects within Hounslow that were successfully piloted 2018-2019
  • To identify any specific barriers related to attendance/engagement with contemporary dance performance and activity within Hounslow
  • To test effective methods of enabling children and young people to participate in, appreciate and interpret contemporary dance performance
  • To better understand what support local dance leaders, organisations and advocates need to support children and young people’s participation in, and viewing of, professional contemporary dance

For more information about Access Hounslow, please email Bethan Peters at or call 07498 232 515