Dance Umbrella Hosts Open Space

Is this actually a great time to make some changes in Dance?

That’s the question on our lips as we play host to Open Space on Friday 25 September, in partnership with Improbable and People Dancing.

This year has been one we will never forget. The impact of COVID-19 has raised issues across society about equality, racial justice and representation. In the Arts in particular, it has highlighted the importance of the arts in daily life, shone a stark light on the fragility of freelancers who make up so much of our sector, raised questions around who has the power to decide what audiences get to see, and revealed structural imbalances in government subsidies.

For those less familiar with this format – pioneered by Improbable over many years – Open Space allows individuals from around the UK to set their own agenda, giving conversations room to unfold in response to the topics raised by you. This is your time to come and put your ideas on the table, to discuss burning questions and share solutions with others equally passionate about dance and the cultural sector.

Dance Umbrella’s Artistic Director & Chief Executive Emma Gladstone added, “As a deeply collaborative art form I am convinced we can work together to find solutions that help reshape the sector to be stronger, fairer and more resilient across the UK.

The impact of the pandemic looks likely to have a lasting effect on how we create and where we perform, so how can we make the most of this time of uncertainty to influence change?


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