Dancing in flawless unison, their movement at times poised, at others animalistic, two fearless female performers demand nothing less than our full attention. Moving through the first part of their compelling duet, they instinctively navigate the terrain of a stark set to a shamanistic, looping, drum score by composer Scanner.

Suddenly, a shift, as the duo pauses to divide the space and restrict the world they inhabit. Tension rises with newly introduced undercurrents of rage, conflict and control transforming the performance, opening up questions about duality as time and space diminish.

With one dancer clothed, one nude, Lucy Guerin’s Split landed in London as part of Dance Umbrella 2019, having blown away audiences in Australia and around the world.


Presented by Dance Umbrella in partnership with The Place

Choreography Lucy Guerin
Composer Scanner
Lighting Designer Paul Lim
Sound Designer Robin Fox
Dancers Ashley McClellan & Lilian Steiner
Presented by Dance Umbrella in partnership with The Place
Lucy Guerin Inc is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body; the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria’s Organisation Investment Program; and the City of Melbourne, through its triennial funding
Split was supported by City of Melbourne through Arts House