Line Dance (2004) by Alex Reuben


Three Sunday afternoons to relax, sit back and enjoy invention by directors and choreographers inspired by the power of dance on film. Take a look through a different lens.


DU: Sunday Shorts 2Sun 20 Oct
Driven by the power of the body in motion this mixed bill reveals artists inspired to create worlds beyond the everyday
The second festival Sunday of choreographic cinema includes an eclectic programme of shorts with a common interest in the communicative potential of the body, seeking to shift the viewer’s centre. The films are created by local and global artists with a unique perspective in what moves us.
Curated by Dance Umbrella Guest Programmer Freddie Opoku-Addaie under the scope of his Out of the System project.




DU: Sunday Shorts 1Sun 13 Oct
A mixed bill of short films specially curated by Northern Irish choreographer Oona Doherty
Marking the first of three Sundays featuring choreographically-inspired films, this programme is brought together by Dance Umbrella Featured Artist 2019 Oona Doherty.
Combining her own works with long-time collaborator Director Luca Truffarelli alongside other artists driven by the power of dance and film, the programme reveals in Oona’s own words “masculinity in all its beauty and ugliness, the viral youth, grey skies and screaming hearts”.
Curated by Dance Umbrella Featured Artist 2019 Oona Doherty


DU: Sunday Shorts 3 | Sun 27 Oct
One, Two, Many:  An international programme presenting award-winning shorts from around the world. 
The third and final programme of choreographic films within Dance Umbrella festival features work from Finland, Canada, Czech Republic, USA and the UK.
One of the simplest counting systems among human languages is: one, two, many. The individual; the pair; and the group. Eight films spin and weave to create a portrait of one, a pull between two, and dynamics between many.
Curated by Gitta Wigro, freelance dance film programmer


Curated by Dance Umbrella in partnership with the Barbican
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THICK AND GREY  (2013) Jorge Crecis and Jesus Robisco, ES
Ina (Light) (2018) Aneil Karia & Alesandra Seutin | Vocab Dance, UK
Ease On Down (2017) The Motion Dance Collective, UK
Line Dance (2004) Alex Reuben, UK
Don’t Look at the Finger  (2017) Hetain Patel, UK
RainMakers (2018) Qudus Onikeku, UK
Curated by Dance Umbrella, presented in partnership with the Barbican